The Effect of Democracy on Agriculture

History made us understand the two main political systems that have effect on the macroeconomic and socioeconomic variables of a country.

These two systems are; democracy and dictatorship. It has been identified that democracy was adopted by countries reported to have a higher level of economic development and growth around the world.

Furthermore, in the context of agriculture; it is observed that most of the countries with higher agricultural efficiencies are democratic countries.

Agriculture is the backbone of an economy and it provides the basic necessities of  mankind and industrial raw materials. This fact was drawn from the economic history of many advanced countries which implies that agricultural prosperity contributes considerably to fostering economic development.

Does democracy have any effect on agriculture?
Democracy doesn’t necessarily change the size of the pie, but it affects how it is sliced. The focus of democracy is the people and agriculture has a close relationship with the people compared to other economic sectors; this implies a direct effect of democracy on agriculture.

The World Bank (2007) points out that agriculture is still a fundamental instrument for development in the 21st century, especially for poverty reduction and sustainable development.
Furthermore it argues that in order to improve agricultural performance, it is important to strengthen democracy and civil society in many countries. Although, the past three decades have seen a wave of democratization which has rapidly changed the politics and society of many developing countries.

Deininger (1997) also pointed out that democracy enhances transparency and thus incentivize previously powerless groups to participate in agriculture.
Since the political system is the most important institutional arm that effects policies and reforms, thus it is expected to have some effect on agricultural efficiency and productivity.

In countries where the rule of law is weak and corruption is widespread; people devote their efforts to other productive activities like agriculture.
Our emphasis is that agriculture has alot to offer and if democracy can have an intercourse with agriculture then we are a step ahead in improving the sector’s productivity.

Agricultural advancement is necessary for improving it’s supply to agrobased industries. The shortage of agricultural product has its impact on industrial production and consequentially increases the general price levels.
The prosperity of agriulture will not only improve the income of the masses but it is essential for foreign exchange and provides a growing market for the domestic manufacturer.

Happy democracy day.