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Crunchy Banana Bread

Banana Bread Hey you, hope you are having a nice day. To kick start this beautiful weekend we have something interesting for you, just take your time to read this article. Since weekends are meant for resting, chilling, and spending more time with your family, we have a delicious food recipe that ca...
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THE FUTURE STARTS WITH YOU Youths are the powerful assets of the nation, they are full of strength and intellectual ability which if properly utilized could assist in making society a better place. They are leaders of our nations that is why it is necessary to invest in them. The word “Empowerment...
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Finger-licking African Egg rolls

How to make healthy and tasty egg rolls in easy steps   Hey guys! It’s another weekend to try something new in the kitchen and today we have Egg rolls on the menu. Although it is a common dish, you can agree that it is mostly prepared commercially; only a few people make egg rolls […]...
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SOME HIDDEN FACTS ABOUT POTATO Everyone knows potatoes for their sweet and unique taste but there is more to potatoes than their sweet taste and yellowish color. There are things about the potato that is not general news and I would be sharing quite a number of them in this post. Don’t be surprise...
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BE A GOAL-GETTER We are not talking about the ‘goal’ scored during a football match…Lol A Goal can be defined as anything an individual or a group of people envision, plan and commit to achieving. A person might envision, plan and commit to achieving something within a period of time. The goal...
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Mint Plant

FEEL RELIEVED WITH MINT Hey people, it’s wellnesday. Today we would be talking about your health and well-being. Since you already know we care about your well-being, take your time to follow through till the end. There might be something for you. Mint, I’m sure you’ve heard about it either as...
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Livestock Farming Have you been thinking of going into the animal farming business? Do you know the best livestock farming business to venture into?  Then this article is for you, stay calm and read through. Since the days of the old, farm animals or livestock have been a source of income for human...
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 Yam Pancake Ever heard of yam pancake? Yam pancake is an uncommon Nigerian dish that most people aren’t aware of. It’s a healthy food option that we think you should add to your diet, want to know more? I’ll be satisfying your curiosity this morning by giving a detailed account of how to mak...
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Habanero pepper

A healthy and unavoidably tasty choice The habanero pepper is a south American pepper; it hails from the Amazon region of Peru but thought to have originated from Mexico, where it grows mainly in Yucatan Peninsula. It is a common kind of chili pepper. They have some colors variant, but the most comm...
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Researchers in Japan use soybean compound to make catfish 100% female.

  Catfish kept at Kindai University Aquaculture Research Institute’s Shingu Station are seen. (Photo courtesy of Kindai University) SHINGU, Wakayama — A team of researchers in Japan has succeeded in making catfish all female. This was done using a compound found in soybeans. A devel...
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