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WONDERING HOW TO MAKE AKARA? READ THIS! Akara is a delicious, deep-fried bean cake made from beans and other ingredients (peppers, onions, salt, and seasoning cubes). It is easy to prepare and a nutritious meal to eat. Akara’s origin is from the Yoruba tribe of Nigeria but has found its way to oth...
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Cashew-Cassava Planting Season

Cashew-Cassava planting season is here again… Do you have an interest in agriculture but don’t have the strength to farm or are you looking for a fertile ground to cultivate your crop? I will have to congratulate you if you are that person cause you are in the right place. Let me show you ho...
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GINGER; the spicy treat of goodness

GINGER… Hello Fam, Welcome to our blog, this article entails incredible details on a well-known spice called GINGER. Hope you are having an incredible day? In one of our recent articles we talked about SMILE, hope a day doesn’t go by without you smiling. So I need you to smile as you read th...
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PEANUT COOKIES… Hurray! It’s our recipe Friday… drum rolls…. Have you been thinking of what snack to prepare? Think no more because today we would be teaching you how to prepare delicious PEANUT COOKIES. This article will give you practical steps on how to go about it. Peanut cookies are...
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Spice up your Meal with Pork

When you hear pork what runs through your mind? What runs through an average person’s mind is dirt, but trust me there are lots of good things to say about it. Moving forward, we are here to enlighten you on the things you don’t know about it, just stay calm and read. What is Pork? […]...
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fish oil


FISH OIL-It’s no ordinary oil; it’s your health defense.  Fish oil is known as fat or oil extracted from the tissues of fish and can be obtained by eating fish or taking supplements. Fish oil comes from fatty tissues of fish or fat deposits in some oily fish. It contains omega-3 fatty acids a...
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Ever heard of Lard? Don’t rack your brain thinking what it is, we’ve got you. What Is Lard? Lard is a semi-solid white fat product obtained by rendering the fatty tissue of the pig with no trans-fat and a high value of fatty acid in it. It is a source of linoleic acid, which is an import...
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nuts only for you- suntwist nigeria limited


Cashew nuts are widely eaten and have numerous health benefits. They are mostly used as an ingredient in processed foods such as snack foods, salads, and ice cream. It is loaded with vitamins and minerals that can help you keep a check on your cholesterol level. The nut has a great shelf life if sto...
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We are ready for cashew-cassava planting season for 2021

 Hurray!!! It’s rainy season again, the cashew-cassava plantation season. A season to sow and reap bountifully I know you might be wondering what is special about cashew-cassava, trust me! it has a lot of specs. want to know? Follow me closely. Intercropping is one big way to cash out in agricult...
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Nutrition and Immunity

Ever imagined what nutrition has to do with your Immunity? The body system is like a city. When it has no army or defense system it gets defeated by external forces. Therefore our immune system serves as our army or defender, which tries to fight against invaders such as germs and keep them out, but...
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