Do you consider yourself to be a shy person? If yes, you’re probably familiar with the chills that go down your spine before trying to make a conversation with someone. I’m sure you’ve wondered why it’s so easy for some people to start a conversation and it’s nerve-wracking for others.

Just stick with us to find out.

Did you know that public speaking is often rated as the number one thing people are afraid of?

Apart from speaking to an entire crowd, some fear making even the most basic conversation. It could be with your colleagues, a stranger on the streets, or your siblings, elders who you admire. Whomever you want to strike a conversation with, there’s always a way to do that.

Try these 5 conversation starters to talk to anyone.

  1. Try a few light compliments
    Everyone wants to hear something nice about themselves. We all want to be appreciated, respected, and desired by the surrounding people. An exciting way to start a conversation is by complimenting something you like about the person. So, if you want to make an immediate impression on the people you meet, open the conversation with a genuine compliment. It could be about their tie, brooch, pair of earrings they are wearing or any little thing. By doing this, you could gain the person’s attention and send positive vibes to that person. Too many compliments could make you seem like a person who flatters, especially if you’re meeting someone for the first time.

There are two types of compliments. The good compliment and the bad compliment. Good compliments describe the qualities of a person without overstepping personal boundaries. For example, you shouldn’t start a conversation by talking about someone’s physical appearance because this might sound like you are flattering and it could also be creepy. Just think about how it would sound if a stranger says this to you “you’re beautiful”. The person is not aware of your intentions or what kind of person you are. Try not to talk about their physical appearance to avoid having a negative first impression. Instead, aim for respectful compliments.

Note; that your compliments should make the person feel good about themselves. This would make them more receptive to you.

  1. Think of what you and the person have in common;

    When you meet someone new, think of something you both have in common. It could be an article, an accessory, hobbies, a favorite movie, clothing, sports, or any other thing that links the both of you. Once you find the things you have in common with the other person, this helps spark a connection. This gives you something to talk about and could also leave a positive first impression.

You might want to know why.

This is because we like people who are similar to us.  If someone views things the way we do and shares the same sense of style, we unconsciously like that person. So, draw attention to the things you share and use those things to build a good relationship. Just find what you have in common and the conversation will come naturally.

  1. Bring up mutually interesting topics

    Talking to a stranger can be awkward and scary. But isn’t it fun to find someone who likes the things you love? Conversations turn out to be interesting when you find someone who can relate to whatever you say. This makes it more of a friendly chat.

One of the easiest ways to start a conversation is to bring up mutually interesting topics. Talk about something that could mutually interest you and the person involved in the conversation. It’s lovely when two people agree on the same thing together. Though you may not have much of an idea about what those mutual interests could be if you ever get to know them, this could be one of the best ways to start a conversation.

Bringing up shared experiences can help make the conversation go on smoothly and toughen the bond between you and the person. By doing this, you don’t have to put your opinions aside to please the person, but try your best to see things from the other person’s perspective.

  1. Ask or offer help

    With the right conversation starter, it’s easy to get someone’s good side. You could start by asking for help with something small. You could ask for a bit of help to find that pen that rolled off the table, ask the person for directions to get to a place or ask what the time is. We must remember to ask the person for help with something that’s within the person’s capacity. If you ask for something a little too much, that could be a little annoying.

Asking for help is one of the best ways to start a little chit-chat because it creates a feeling of necessity. It creates an avenue for you to start a conversation and also creates a bond between you and the people you meet. Helping someone requires you to give out your time and attention to that person. As soon as they offer that help, you’re no longer strangers. Instead, you are two people who are willing to help each other, and this acts as a foundation for a stronger bond. Once the foundation has been laid, it’s much easier to grow your new friendship. You can express gratitude or find some other way to repay their favors.

One way that’s even better to start a conversation than asking for help is to offer help. You can also create a fast connection by lending a hand to someone. This will not only get their attention but also create a great impression of yourself to the other person. For example, volunteer your services. Ask if they need help to find what they are looking for, but caution yourself to limits. There are limits to helping people. Do not go around lending money like crazy. That could be a disadvantage later and the person could also get the impression that you are easy to take advantage of. So, the next time you meet someone new, open the conversation with a small, manageable favor or lend a helping hand to someone in need.

  1. Make a few comments on something

    This is another easy step you could use to start a conversation. Commenting on something could get the other person talking. Say something about the weather, the cafeteria at the place you work, or the economy of your country and this could make anyone talk unless they are not interested in what you’re saying.

These few tips we mentioned will never fail you if you put them to practice. I want you to know that your social skills won’t improve in one day. It takes time to build that confidence. It requires a bit of time and effort to change that shy mindset you have. All you have to do is to trust the process and believe in yourself cause you’re bold.

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