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VILLAGE RICE RECIPE (PALMOIL FRIED RICE) Ever heard of Palm oil fried rice? Most people would be wondering how this is possible, using palm oil to cook fried rice when it has been Vegetable oil that has been used to prepare it over time. Well, it is possible. You try it this weekend or if […]...
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TOMATOES; FILLED WITH FLAVORS THAT ARE SUPERB Think you know all about tomatoes? Read on and discover some fun facts… Tomatoes isn’t a strange word to anyone, it is the world’s most popular eaten fruit because of the numerous health benefits associated with eating it. Tomato is the fruit o...
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Healthy diet

TIPS ON HOW TO MAKE YOUR DIET HEALTHIER It’s Monday, time to shake off the weekend gbedu and go to work. Oops… Not again, the alarm is ringing I really wanna sleep more, oh God help me. This is the reaction most of us give on a Monday morning. After all the grumbling we drag […]...
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 Why should I drink water on an empty stomach? Water… There’s this song we do sing back then in primary school, “Water for drinking, water for washing, water to cook our food, water for bathing, water to keep us hydrated, water is life”. Water is the most essential fluid in the human bo...
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A PINEAPPLE A DAY KEEPS THE WORRIES AWAY We present to you PINEAPPLES… “When life gives you lemon sell them and buy a pineapple”—Davin Turney Pineapples are an international symbol of welcome and it is also a symbolic way of saying “you are perfect” when presented. Did you know pineappl...
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SOYA MILK: Delicious milk in every sip Today is recipe weekend and we are always here to spice up your weekend. Just sit tight and be ready… Have you heard of SOYA MILK? Have you tasted it? Well, today is an opportunity for you to learn about it. Soya milk is a plant-based nondairy beverage [&...
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 Health Benefits of Garcinia Kola (Bitter Kola)

 Health Benefits of Bitter Kola ‘Nah I can’t eat it, it’s bitter as the name implies this is what we say when we are given Bitter kola to eat. The name itself could send chills down our spine. But do you know bitter kola has a plethora of health benefits? Bitter kola, also known as […]...
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DID YOU KNOW? Hola, Hola… Welcome to another exciting episode of incredible “Did You Know?” Facts that will surprise and also educate you on certain things you never knew. Take your time to read through and be informed. Are you ready? Zoom………. Off we go oh Did you know? G...
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SIDE HUSTLE? “GOOD THINGS HAPPEN TO THOSE WHO HUSTLE” —-Anais Nin This means good things don’t usually just fall into our hands and there’s no need to hope they will. Good things happen to those who work hard for them. Do you want to start a side hustle? Then get to it. At times our [&...
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garlic pasta


WAKE UP YOUR TASTE BUDS WITH GARLIC PASTA I can see someone is salivating here, Garlic pasta how does it taste? Trust me the taste is mind-blowing. You would crave for more. Just imagine having a bowl of hot steaming delicious pasta with any protein you want then step it down with any chilled fruit ...
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