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Asides from the soil, there are other mediums that can be used to cultivate crops and one of them is the coco peat. The outside layer of husk that surrounds the shell of coconut comprises fibers that are being removed from the shells to make doormats, ropes, brushes, carpets, mattresses, etc. It is ...
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Spice up your Meal with Pork

When you hear pork what runs through your mind? What runs through an average person’s mind is dirt, but trust me there are lots of good things to say about it. Moving forward, we are here to enlighten you on the things you don’t know about it, just stay calm and read. What is Pork? […]...
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Children; The leaders of tomorrow

Hurray!!! It’s children’s day, a day for the children by the children Children’s Day is a special day to recognize, appreciate, honor, and celebrate children. This day is held on different days in other countries but in Nigeria, it is celebrated on the 27th of May, it’s a day children are ex...
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Stay healthy, eat veggies, eat fruits. Fruits and vegetables should be an important part of your daily diet, they naturally contain vitamins and minerals that are good for the health. These days, our grocery stores have replaced the cabin for fruits and vegetables with processed food that contain pr...
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Think chicken? Think us

Chicken!!! A chicken is a bird and one of the features that differentiate it from other birds is that it has a comb (red appendages on top of the head) and two wattles (the wattles are the two appendages under the chin). Chicken is the most common type of poultry in the world compared to […]...
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Turning your problems into opportunities

Opportunities!!! “Problems are only opportunities in work clothes” __ Henri Kaiser We find ourselves in a world where the idea behind the problem has been incorrectly defined. And I would love to help you understand how to best define it. In life, problems arise at one point or the other, and to...
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The garden everyone loves

The garden everyone loves… Speaking on the garden everyone loves, ordinarily your mind would go to romance; a place where lovers meet, like the garden of Eden. Lol Amazingly, the garden that we are talking about here is a greenhouse. A garden specifically designed to optimize the growth of crops l...
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Education; Your door to the future

Education!!! Our quest for knowledge is unending and will continue till planet earth exists. Everyone knows that education is very important for our life, with it we can do lots of things. Education is the basic requirement nowadays for everything that we wish to do and all great leaders of this wor...
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Solving the world’s problem through Permaculture gardening

A garden is a plot of ground where herbs, fruits, flowers, or vegetables are cultivated. Most gardens are created to make the environment beautiful with different species of flowers. Well, you create a garden that will be beneficial to the local environment. Geff Lawton says “you can solve all th...
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Financial freedom: A way to control your finances 

One of the objectives of most humans is attaining financial freedom. Financial freedom is about you taking control of your finances and not allowing your finances to control you, it’s about taking ownership of your finances. It’s about planning your long-term financial situation by saving for a ...
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