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Coconut Jollof Rice

  Coconut rice; A meal that gives you butterflies in your stomach Did we just say coconut jollof rice? Yeah, you heard us right. Do you know you can eat your jollof rice in another delicious way? Some of us are getting bored of the ordinary jollof rice, that’s why you need a little change. [&hell...
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FARMING Once in your lifetime, you’ll need a Lawyer At some point, you’ll need a Teacher As you begin earning, you’ll need a banker Religion needs, which you need a preacher But a least three times a day, you’ll need a farmer Starting together along with your morning routine From the milk, y...
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PLANTAIN PUDDY Where are lovers of plantain? Gather here!! We know you love to eat your plantain with rice, beans, custard, eggs, etc.  but do you know you could actually eat your plantain in another way? Yeah, in another delicious way. Care to know how? Then keep reading… Plantains are from the ...
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Smoothie; the healthy choice your body deserves

Smoothie Looking for a healthier drink to take asides water, a drink you could easily prepare at home and take to work to keep you hydrated. Well, there is a healthy drink called SMOOTHIE. What is a smoothie? Smoothie is a thick creamy blended beverage with a shake-like consistency blended from frui...
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SOME HIDDEN FACTS ABOUT POTATO Everyone knows potatoes for their sweet and unique taste but there is more to potatoes than their sweet taste and yellowish color. There are things about the potato that is not general news and I would be sharing quite a number of them in this post. Don’t be surprise...
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Most people view agriculture as a profession that includes poor and overworked farmers with antiquated tools on a rural farm. The young adults still think that agribusiness is a poor man’s occupation, they all want a white-collar job. Agribusiness isn’t something that pops up in our minds, we te...
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nuts only for you- suntwist nigeria limited


Cashew nuts are widely eaten and have numerous health benefits. They are mostly used as an ingredient in processed foods such as snack foods, salads, and ice cream. It is loaded with vitamins and minerals that can help you keep a check on your cholesterol level. The nut has a great shelf life if sto...
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We are ready for cashew-cassava planting season for 2021

 Hurray!!! It’s rainy season again, the cashew-cassava plantation season. A season to sow and reap bountifully I know you might be wondering what is special about cashew-cassava, trust me! it has a lot of specs. want to know? Follow me closely. Intercropping is one big way to cash out in agricult...
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Hidden truths about Cashew farming III

Hidden truths about Cashew Farming III

Planting and growing your cashew trees. There are three main varieties of cashew which are Brazilian cashew, Chinese cashew, Indian cashew. Brazilian cashew is the most grown in Nigeria. Its color may be white, light-yellow, or ash. The ash color is the most common one. Before planting, selecting is...
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World Food Day is a day dedicated to the celebration of the Food Agriculture Organization (FAO), an event organized in over 150 countries across the world, which is set apart in tackling Global hunger. It is held annually on the 16th of October where people from around the world come together to dec...
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