Cashew-Cassava Planting Season


Cashew-Cassava planting season is here again…

Do you have an interest in agriculture but don’t have the strength to farm or are you looking for a fertile ground to cultivate your crop?

I will have to congratulate you if you are that person cause you are in the right place. Let me show you how your dreams can be a reality through our cashew-cassava plantation.

Back then in high school, we were taught about the different cropping systems, one of which is an inter-cropping system.

What is an inter-cropping system?

An inter-cropping system involves growing two or more crops in the same field at the same time. An example of this cropping system is the cashew-cassava plantation. The major goal of inter-cropping is to produce a greater yield on a piece of land by making use of resources or ecological processes that over one crop would use.

Why do we inter-crop cashew with cassava?

Cashew is a long-term investment; it takes a while for it to produce its fruit. Therefore, cashew-cassava cultivation is strongly advised, since cassava is a perennial crop grown as an annual, and can be planted and harvested yearly. It makes up for the time the cashew takes before harvest, and this amounts to a truckload of profit.

Cassava production has the potential to generate a lot of money along the value chain, starting with the cassava tuber, processing, packaging, marketing, and export. There is also a daily increase in demand for its products and bye product. Everything about cashew and cassava has money-yielding potential.

Reasons you should subscribe to our Cashew-Cassava plantation?

  1. You will be part of the people who make an impact through Agriculture.
  2. A whole lot of money would be made from this. You don’t need to wait for three or four years for the cashew to fruit before you make profits. Once the cassava is ready for harvest, you could sell it and make a whopping amount of money.
  3. You will become a Landowner.

What will I get if I subscribe to this plan?

  1. Deed of assignment
  2. Receipt for land acquisition
  3. Memorandum of understanding
  4. Land map sketch

Here’s a breakdown of the usage of your money.

  1. You get farmland for 100k per acre.

Setting up the farmland would cost 250,000 nairas. This entails;


  1. Plowing.
  2. Clearing (Bulldozer).
  3. Packing and burning.
  4. Ridging.
  5. Weed management.


  1. Cashew seedlings.
  2. Cassava stems.
  3. Pegging and planting.
  4. Cassava planting.

You don’t need to go to the farmer before you become a farmer. SUNTWIST NIGERIA LIMITED got you covered in all aspects.

My lovely readers, do not let this opportunity pass you by.

Cashew-cassava farming is indeed a gold mine that requires mining.

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