Selling is certainly an art form that requires you to tell compelling stories about the solutions your product or service will have in the life of the consumer. It is by far the most important skill you will ever learn. If you are going for a job interview you need to know how to sell yourself not only to be able to get a job but to get it with the maximum salary possible.

I’m sure we have friends/ relations that sell different kinds of stuff and they must have approached us to buy from them. I don’t know if you’ve been in a situation where friends and family try to force you to buy what they sell, maybe they just open a clothing line and since you’re a nice person you patronize them, wear the clothes, take pictures and if the clothes are of good quality you refer them to your friends. A few months later your friend comes back to you to get other clothes, you might turn that friend down if you are not ready to get another one or you buy from that friend. Well, that’s a good thing to do, supporting friends shows you appreciate them.

Now, imagine you are that friend. You just started a business where you sell different wares. You need to sell your product so you can make a profit but the only people you know are just your friends and family. Don’t get me wrong, selling your product to your family/friend is not bad but they should not be your only hope. Depending on them to buy is not a good business strategy, what you need is to learn and deploy smart selling strategies.

Are you ready to learn those strategies you need to sell your product or services?

Here we go…

  1. Know your customer; The more you know and understand your customers the better idea you have on what their problem is. Listen to your customers and also pay close attention to them. Doing all this would make you figure out different patterns of needs of your customer and also how you can present your product as a viable solution to their problem.
  2. Make the product/service better; use the information/feedback you get from your customer to polish your product or service. This makes the sales process easier.
  3. Make your customers like you; you must have come across someone who has a product or service to offer but you ignored the person without a second thought. Imagine if that person is your friend you won’t have ignored the person because it would be hard to do that right? You might feel guilty for not buying from your friend. So why don’t you use this method to sell before doing business? Make the customer like you, instead of talking about the benefits of your product or service try to have a little chat with the customer to know more about them or find similarities between you. The more reasons you give the customer to like you the higher the chances you will make the sale.
  4. Prove your credibility; Let the customer know what makes you a credible person to sell this particular product or service. Make sure you know about the product or service you have to offer also make them trust you. If your customers trust you, they will feel at ease to patronize you.
  5. Give irresistible offers; people don’t like the idea of being sold to they like to buy. Give your customers offers that would make them want your product or service. Customers like offers that make them feel at ease or they are ripping you off. You could give offers like; make a promise to your customers, give a guarantee, etc.
  6. Approach your customers on their level; this is one important way to sell your product/service. You must pay close attention to your customer’s personality and tailor your approach accordingly. Our unique characters have an impact on how we like to be sold to and what information we prioritize.
  7. Sell the benefits; benefits are what attracts your customers to buy from you, it entails the solution to their problems. Emphasis on the benefits your products or service has to offer, not the features. Features describe what a product can do but benefits explain what these features can do for the customer.

A feature is an attribute of the product or service. For example; A feature of a new car can be size, top speed, safety devices, etc. The benefit is room enough for your loved ones. Ensure you match the benefits to your customer’s needs.

Selling a product doesn’t have to be complicated, you need to stay focused on the details of your product and service.

Note; Do not create a product and find a market, find a market first and create a product to satisfy that market.

Market your product well. You must make your product or service information clear and available through as many channels as possible. Treat your customers well, when you do that they will want to buy from you and also refer you to their friends and With these few tips, I’m sure you would be able to sell that product/service.

So, go get the customers!.

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Happy Monday.