Hidden truths about Cashew Farming III

Hidden truths about Cashew farming III

Planting and growing your cashew trees.

There are three main varieties of cashew which are Brazilian cashew, Chinese cashew, Indian cashew. Brazilian cashew is the most grown in Nigeria. Its color may be white, light-yellow, or ash.
The ash color is the most common one. Before planting, selecting is quite important. When selecting, make sure you buy cashew seeds specifically for growing from farmers. Cashew seed for consumption is not viable, because their protective shell has been removed.

N.B. Don’t just pick seeds on the ground, or just pluck to plant, doing this may not produce the kind of return you desire.

Raising seedlings.

Raise seedling in a polythene bag before planting, by doing this you can give them a bit of extra attention and protection. Sow more than one seed, because it increases their chance of producing a healthy cashew tree.

Soak seed nuts in water for 18 to 24hours to hasten germination. Sow pre-soaked seed nuts in a polythene bag filled with sandy soil at a depth of 2-3cm with the stalk end up. Be sure to keep the bag in a warm-light, location. Don’t place them under direct sunlight.

As seedling grow, make sure that they get plenty of light and water, but be sure not to over-log the seedlings with plenty of water.

Cashew seed germinating
Cashew Seedling

Planting out cashew trees.

As the cashew tree begins to outgrow the polythene bag, it’s time to plant them out. Before you plant out the young trees, allow the plants to harden off for a couple of weeks. This helps the young tree to thrive in their new environment. The young tree should be planted on sandy soil, as sandy soil ensures a lack of waterlogging, as a result, clay-based soil should be avoided when planting.

Cashew plant before transplanting
Young Cashew plant

Dig a hole of about 10cm, then transplant your young tree into the soil. After filling the hole with your plant, the young cashew trees should be staked or given some form of support. Then you keep watering your plants and caring for it until fruiting. The cashew tree takes 2-3 years to mature into a big tree. With patience, you’ll get your desired results.

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