Hidden truths about Cashew Farming IV

Hidden truths about Cashew Farming

Because you have been with us so far, we will drop this last and very important secret. Starting a cashew nut business requires you to decide the area you would like to make the most impact. By impact, we mean effectiveness.

The Cashew nut business has an attractive value chain. You may want to process your cashew nuts before selling, or just sell them directly. Whatever the case, knowing the right strategy that will yield the highest financial reward is important.

So which area do you think is best to focus on? Take a moment to think about it.

The Cashew business in Nigeria requires the right knowledge, that is why we will be discussing the relevance of cashew nut in Nigeria.

  • It can be processed as cashew butter and cheese.
  • Its pulp can be distilled into liquor or fruit drink.
  • Its shell can be used for lubricants and paints.
Cashew Butter and Cheese
Cashew Butter and Cheese
Cashew fruit drink
Cashew fruit drink

All these and more have contributed to the general acceptance of Cashew by farmers in Nigeria. What’s more, the global demand for cashew nut surpasses its supply. In spite of the increase in Export by 463 percent in 2017, Nigeria is currently unable to meet its export demands. This is good news for folks interested in investing in the cashew nut business in Nigeria.

To own a Cashew farm and do it in a big way, you will belong in one of the 2 categories of agro-investors listed below:

  1. Start a Cashew farming business and manage it yourself, doing all the monitoring and management. While you might see this as a good option, the downside is that you might have little or no time to attend to other things; and if you are not an expert, you might make a lot of mistakes that will cost you a whole lot.
  2. Let Suntwist do the hard work for you, while you earn yearly. We highly recommend this option for the following reasons:
    1. Asides from the level of experience we have gathered over the years, we as a company will ensure the services of professionals on your farm. Therefore, you would not have to worry about loss due to a lack of expertise.
    2. You will have enough time to work on other things while still keeping track of how your farm is doing, as you will be getting monthly updates (which will include pictures and videos) in your mailbox.
    3. The cost of letting Suntwist manage your farm is very affordable.

At Suntwist Nigeria, we sell farmlands, help our clients set up their farmland, and can even help them to sell off their farm produce to our registered off-takers at the end of the farm cycle.

We have come to the end of this thread. We sincerely hope you learnt a lot. If you did, kindly drop a comment in the comment section telling us about what you’ve learnt.

We also hope you will start making up your mind as regards Cashew farming, as the potential in it is massive.

What will be your next move?

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