Have you tried your Stew with Cashew

Wizkid Stew_Suntwist Nigeria Limited

Everyday people and even celebrities like ‘Wizkid’ & ‘Tiwa Savage’ keep developing new strategies just to break their bank accounts and keep their buzz steady.

I believe this drive keeps every industry esp. ‘the creatives’ on top of their game. We cant deny that the recent ‘stew-chant’ on the social media which emanated from ‘Wizkid & Tiwa Savage’ is another tactic through which the said duo and many other creatives have revived their buzz to keep the cash rolling in.

Look at it this way; if creatives as famous as they may be have to ride on showbiz to stay relevant, it tells you something; its your responsibility to devise different means to stay financially relevant.
One of the best, sustainable and trans-generational means is to smartly source for the right investments that will consistently help you stay on the course of your journey to financial freedom.
Simply put, you are your own ladder to your financial freedom.

Rome wasn’t built in a day neither was ‘Wizkid’s stew’ cooked in a day, just like a cashew seed, it started when his studio was his bedroom, sitting room, and even rest room, and now he can choose to eat any ‘stew’ of his desire.

All I’m saying is, sit down and smartly invest now for a ‘stewy’ tomorrow just like Wizkid did some years back.

You may not be an artist but you can also smartly secure your future by investing in our ‘Ca-Ca’ (Cashew-Cassava) agro-investment package at SUNTWIST NIGERIA.

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