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At Suntwist, our Agro-Investment Packages are the sweetest Investments ever. What’s the buzz all about, you may ask?

Suntwist is offering a mindblowing deal with our Cashew-Cassava (Ca-Ca) Investment Plan.

Would you rather have 337k in your account just sitting and waiting to be spent at the next
buying-impulse than invest the same funds in our ‘Ca-Ca’ Plan which covers the acquisition of your 1 acre of land, Farm Set-Up/Cultivation, and Weed Control/Management for a year round.

Do you know that Ogbomoso Cashew is regarded as the best in the world? This is what makes it highly sought-after and highly in demand in the global agricultural market.
This is evident in how foreign buyers troop into Ogbomoso city with billions of naira every year during Cashew harvest seasons.

You can also join the value chain by investing in these money trees. For Instance; 1 Cashew tree can produce Cashew nuts worth atleast 35k and an acre of farmland will accommodate about 40 Cashew trees, which means 35k × 40trees will yield #1,400,000 per annum.
If you ask me, that’s a ‘stewy’ deal for an agro-investment of just one acre of farmland tagged to your name.

That said, there’s no telling of the multi-millions you’ll rake in annually, if you own 5, 10 or more acres of farmland.

Make a ‘Tested, Trusted and Sure’ move towards your financial freedom today. Secure your Agro-Investment with Suntwist Nigeria.