In the morning, everyone has a habit whether it’s surfing the internet, hitting the snooze button twice, exercising for a few minutes before starting your day, or going straight to the shower. Our morning habits almost become our second nature.

But have you ever thought about the way you start your morning would influence your weight, I.e. increase in your weight?

It’s no secret that getting regular exercise and eating a balanced diet are the most effective ways to lose weight. Despite that, some people do not get the result they desire. This makes them feel disappointed and tired. If you are such a person, don’t get tired, you just need to change your morning routine.

In weight gain, your daily morning routine has a tremendous influence. Starting your day with the wrong habits can make you gain more weight rather than losing even with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Read this article to know the morning habits that cause you to gain weight.


We all know that hitting the snooze button sounds tempting, but the negative effects it has on our health are too grave to be taken a chance with. Oversleeping usually gives room to poor diet, weight gain, and disturbed sleep cycle.

Not sleeping well could affect a person’s concentration, which increases their cravings for junk food and leads to weight gain. Sleeping too much can have the same effect on you because the body cannot sync to the proper time.

Sleeping for over 9 hours per night is referred to as oversleeping. However, sleeping for less than seven hours per night may be dangerous for your health. So, getting much sleep or poor sleep could also increase your level of the appetite-stimulating hormone cortisol, which leads to overeating.


When you wake up in the morning, you neglect the little things like making your bed. Well, this may seem like a surprise to you, but not making your bed after you wake up in the morning can cause a lot of problems while trying to lose weight.

According to a National sleep survey, those that make their beds after they wake up in the morning are 19% more likely to attain proper rest and sleep during the night compared to those who did not make their beds. A good night’s sleep plays a major role in balancing the BMI (a good night’s sleep is associated with a lower BMI).

If you are not used to making your bed, you need to make a habit out of it. So, incorporate this habit into your lifestyle and see if it would improve your quality of sleep.


There is no other element that can take the place or role of water in our body. Your body needs water because it regulates your metabolism, provides your brain with fuel, and flushes out toxins. In the morning, your body needs water because it is looking for an agent to help break down all the extracted nutrients while you were sleeping.

Remember, we said earlier that good sleep plays a big role in lower BMI. So, if you’re drinking coffee two to three times a day, you should know it would affect the quality of your sleep.

Rather than depending on coffee and depriving your system of hydration, drink a glass of water as soon as you step out of your bed.


We’ve been told right from when we’re a child that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Regardless of what happens, you should not miss your breakfast. Skipping breakfast affects your metabolism and serves as a gateway to unhealthy eating during the day. Skipping breakfast also makes you tired and lethargic throughout the day.

Your cravings for junk foods may come into play and this increases your chances of gaining weight.

If you are one of those people that skip breakfast, you need to change that and always eat a balanced breakfast to keep you strong and full for the day so you don’t feast on junk/ overeat during lunch or dinner.


We cannot overemphasize the benefits of exercising often. According to research, exercising first thing in the morning helps you to burn calories and avoid weight gain.

When you exercise in the morning on an empty stomach, it would help you burn fat and lose weight. Exercising in the morning gives a refreshing and energizing feeling. You don’t need to go to the gym before you exercise, you could do other exercises like cycling, jogging, skipping, running, brisk walking, etc.

Losing weight isn’t something that happens immediately, it’s a journey. You need to be dedicated to the process involved and increase the effectiveness of your effort.

What are those things you do to lose weight?

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