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The only thing that is constant in this world is change.

Change is constant, and so is Agriculture.

The rate of online fraud has increased in Nigeria in the past 3 years by 60.59%, most investors have been scammed and defrauded at several points in time.

The defrauders use various means to hoodwink their victims into investing in them through various online platforms like forex and the likes, they could also pose as an agriculture firm creating fake investment plans to get the attention of their victims.

These online scammers do know what attracts their victims so they tend to make use of it and also become good at it to get better and more investors by promising them ridiculously high returns, meanwhile there is no evidence of them having any farms. The investors out of trying to multiply their income in an easy/faster way fall into such traps.

This year, thousands of investors have fallen into the hands of these perpetrators hence the Federal Government decided to look for a way to curb the menace.

The SECURITY AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION is a Federal government body in charge of securities exchanges, securities brokers and dealers, investment advisors, and mutual funds. To promote fair dealing, the disclosure of important market information, and prevent fraud through online investment platforms developed new rules.

The aim of these rules is not to discourage investors but to;

  1. Validate and scrutinize all supposed crowdfunding companies.
  2. Help validate that these companies have facilities to verify that investor’s money is being put into work as promised.
  3. To reduce the rate of crime.
  4. To point out reliable investment opportunities investors.

At SUNTWIST NIGERIA LIMITED, it was challenging for us as an organization to make a change. This was due to the massive grounds and achievements we have had in creating investment platforms for clients. We were able to help clients put their money into good and highly fruitful use due to our style of operation. As a company, we have also successfully paid all returns of previous investors. We also help them scale up their finances even while growing our own business and the Nigerian economy.

We understand the Federal government’s stand. And we are solidly behind them to help eliminate or minimize the rate at which investors are scammed or defrauded.

Our main focus is the customers. If they are cannot invest and earn returns. We decided to take up the responsibility of finding a better and safer way for them to increase their income.

One of the ways we believe clients can increase their wealth is by owning farmland either temporarily or permanently. As opposed to crowdfunding, you might not be exposed to information about what is going on on the farm. Due to the new plans involved, you will be given reports of the farm and be carried along through the process set up from the beginning to the end.