Few days ago, I had a conversation with a 40 year old Civil Servant concerning his retirement plans, as we discussed he made it clear that he is determined not to depend on any of his children for upkeep after he retires.

He literally said; “I pray for all my children to turn out successful, but irrespective of how successful they may be, I would love their motive of giving to me be of honor and not of need, want or lack. Infact, I look forward to leaving a robust inheritance for them after I’m gone.”

As a middle classed citizen, you are probably having the same thoughts as this man and you will surely agree with me that the current ‘Pension-system’ in Nigeria is neither consistent nor robust enough to depend on or even create a lasting well of wealth to leave to your children

This issue of pension reminds me of a friend back in school, whose parents were both retirees, and with the so many abnormalities surrounding the Nigerian pension system (no offense though, we are all praying for a better Nigeria sha), he struggled to pay tuition fees as his parents could barely help him

So many people suffer similar scenario, having one or two children to still push through school after retirement. You are probably calculating your children’s age and trying to figure out what stage of their lives they will be by your retirement.

I’ve heard of so many parents giving their children strict warnings and ultimatums to do whatever they intend to do on time i.e. go to school, study, graduate quickly and get a job as they (the parents) don’t have much time left in service to provide for their needs. This isn’t a pleasant way to go through life.

I understand retirement to be a time of good rest after decades of labour but judging from the current situation, it has been “the struggle continues”. It would be gratifying to play blame games but the most rewarding move would be do something about the status quo, and the best time is now!

Have you got any plans? Well, Suntwist Nigeria has got a well laid out one for you. Suntwist Nigeria presents to you her Cashew-Cassava Investment Plans.
You may not be fully aware but Cashew is a ‘money’ crop and its highly sought after globally, especially the Cashew nuts.

While it takes Suntwist’s Hybrid Cashew Seeds 18 months to start fruiting, Suntwist Nigeria  intercrops the Cashew with Cassava.

So while waiting on your Cashew to start fruiting, you are assured of 5-10 tons of Cassava Tubers at the end of a planting season of 8-12months and from this yield, you’ll make at least 70% of your invested money back within your first harvest year alone.

Also, your Return-In-Investment (ROI) exponentially increases as the Cashew trees starts fruiting, with an average sales price of raw cashew nuts at #500,000 per ton; when you do the maths, you’ll literally realise that ‘you don hammer.’

The real ‘Jackpot’ is that, a Cashew tree consistently produces fruits for over 50 years, which simply means you are secured for 50 years non-stop!
How to select a plan? ‘Soft work’…Buy a farmland for as low as N150, 000 per acre, and invest with Suntwist Nigeria, we’re just a call away.

Its time to stop singing “pass me not o gentle saviour” when God has already heard your humble cry!

All you need to do is to put a call through to 08102777209 or visit www.suntwist.com.ng for more enquiries.