Every day comes with its opportunity and incentive, every second, minute and hour in it has the potential of transforming our today and securing tomorrow. It’s a blank cheque and we determine what we fill, we are all products of our choices, so if a man expects something different from his makeup then he is in for disappointment.

A good steward of today is one who can harness today’s resources and effect tomorrow’s prowess. Today was yesterday’s tomorrow and every opportunity a day brings is one more brick to build our castles with, many do not seize these bricks and end up building nothing because they are low on resources. Seize the block of today.

To make each day count you need to be a reflective thinker, reflecting on yesterday helps you make better choices today. It puts your experiences into perception and you find out better ways of doing things.

If a person who recently lost his job would reflect on previous scenarios then he will be able to see a pattern of events that led to his dismissal, which were actually the accumulated result of the daily choices he made while at work.

The life impacting decisions we make today such as the relationships we keep, how we manage our money, setting priorities, choosing asset over liabilities, self development goals are pivotal to a tomorrow without regret.

At the end of every day, ask questions like; how much did i spend? could I have spent it on a profit yielding venture?, What did I learn?, how can I apply it to my life?, who did I add value to?, did I make a new relationship?, did I communicate well?

Reflecting on these kinds of questions daily will help you see some bricks you missed and how to make the next day count.

An unexamined life is not worth living, guarantee tomorrow’s success by making today count.

If millennials would reflect on the choices they made as regards money management, am sure they will advise the post- millennials that investing today is the only way to escape from the rat-race early.

Ready to invest?

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