Farming, not just a choice but a must

Once in your life you’ll need a lawyer
At some point you’ll need a Teacher
As you start earning, you’ll need a banker
Religion demands that you need a preacher
But at least thrice a day, you’ll need a farmer

Starting with your morning routine
From the milk you pour on your cereal
And the shirt you wear on your demin jean
To the toothpaste for cleaning your teeth
They are all a product of agriculture

Agriculture is needed even in art and sports
Hardwood is used in making the courts
Cow Leather are used to make baseballs
And Cotton is used to make the team uniforms
An acre of soyabean can produce #82,368 crayons

Even in education,agriculture produce your stationery
One tree makes approximately #170 000 pencils
Your favorite acoustic guitar is made from lumber
Forestry supplies trees that produces paper
And uniforms is all thanks to the cotton farmer.