Hurray! It’s Black Friday from SUNTWIST NIGERIA.

Black friday

Its yet another amazing time of the year.
Yes! Its that time of the year when you get to enjoy a huge discount on goods and services from every sales platform.

Even though there is saying that; “not all that glitters is gold”, I’m so excited to inform you that this saying doesn’t apply today!
Today, our farmland sales are presented to you on a platter of gold.
How would you like it if you could purchase an asset worth 120k at 70k? If you ask me, that’s an offer I don’t think anyone should miss out on. This offer will literally help you acquire the assets you only dreamt of but could not afford on a normal day.

Hurray! its Black Friday guys and from SUNTWIST NIGERIA, we gladly present to you ‘Black Friday Farmland Sales’ which involves a huge reduction in price i.e. huge discount off the normal costs of our farmlands. The prices of lands have been cut down greatly by almost 25%.

Tempting right?!!!

Well, hurry and make the most of this big annual discount fiesta.
Remember, this is an exceptional black friday offer you can’t miss out on.

For more enquiries visit or call 08102777209.

Purchase now while offer lasts!