Benefits of Greenhouse farming.


Greenhouse farming

Greenhouse farming has become very popular all over the world, it started in the 13th century where it was used as a way to meet the nutritional demands of the royalties.

A greenhouse farm is considered an implementation of intensive agriculture and can provide an increase in crop production. This is because you have more control for creating optimal climate conditions needed for plant growth and can grow more plants per square foot compared to growing crops in an open field.

The greenhouse farm is a type of farming in which crops are cultivated under-protected and enclosed environment, it enables farmers to cultivate because of climate conditions. In this type of farming, humidity and temperature can be controlled also the amount of water given to the crops can be controlled.

Greenhouse farming plays a vital role in supplying the world with safe and nutritious food, reducing the rate of food insecurity. A greenhouse farm aims at food security, the world food summit of 1996 defined that food security exists when all people at all times have physical and economic access to sufficient, safe, and nutritious food that meets their dietary needs and preferences for an active life.

When the resources are utilized more efficiently, less waste will be created, which can evolve into bigger profits.

Before going into the benefits of greenhouse farming we will love to tell you a little thing about Green House.

What is a Greenhouse?

A greenhouse is an enclosed structure or environment where crops are grown. It protects crops from pests, diseases, and adverse climatic conditions.

This is relatively independent of the world outside, eliminating the limitation of growing crops only in a specific season.

Greenhouses serve as a shield between nature and what you are growing. Which in turn allows the growing seasons to be extended and possibly improved. A greenhouse can help regulate or create a more temperature environment for plants by adding a cooling mechanism.


  • It produces fresh greens, vegetables, and fruits.
  • Green-house helps to fight food insecurity.
  • It allows you to grow things you wouldn’t otherwise be able to grow (exotic flowers, tropical fruit).
  • Greenhouse farming has a higher yield of crops than open-field farming.
  • There is efficiency in the use of water and nutrients on the farm as compared to open field cultivation.
  • The returns on investment (ROI) on the greenhouse are typically higher than open-field farming.
  • Extend the growing season as the plants won’t depend on weather conditions or patterns.
  • It helps to prevent rodents from feasting on your crops, as you control what comes in and out of the greenhouse.

Hope you won’t think twice about why you should practice Green House farming.

You can Go Green with Green House farming, so what are you waiting for?