Children; The leaders of tomorrow



It’s children’s day, a day for the children by the children

Children’s Day is a special day to recognize, appreciate, honor, and celebrate children. This day is held on different days in other countries but in Nigeria, it is celebrated on the 27th of May, it’s a day children are excused from school. It is an occasion most of us remember from when we were young, a day where children are celebrated with pomp and enthusiasm; a day where all social activities are focused on them.

Children’s day is a day to celebrate the joy of childhood, it’s an exceptional day recorded to give awareness on the rights of the children and also the coming generation of the nation.

Children’s day is an opportunity for children to express themselves and be happy. They are a gift from God, they are the building block of every nation, therefore education is important for a child. it’s one of the greatest gifts a parent could give to their children as only education could mold children into the future leaders of the country. They should be molded at a young age, which is why it’s important to educate them on how to be productive and responsible citizens.

Children are beautiful vessels given to us by God. It doesn’t matter the physical state or condition of the child or the gender of the child they are the future of many generations. So there is a need for parents to pay close attention to their educational, social, mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing.

Children are one of the most treasured possessions on earth, they always bring a smile to one’s face. They need to be praised, encouraged, and reprimanded when necessary. Without them, the nation’s hope of building a youthful and productive workforce won’t be achieved. Everyone who is an adult has passed through the childhood stage.

The childhood stage is a phase where children are being guided, given basic moral instructions, fundamental education, etc. It is a phase where a child learns the dos and don’ts, where their learning ability is being developed. It is the responsibility of adults to guide them to the right path as they are the leaders of tomorrow.

“Children are the leaders of tomorrow”, for them to be the leaders of tomorrow they need quality EDUCATION. “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. This statement was made by Nelson Mandela.

Education is the best thing a parent can give to their offspring and also the best gift a nation can give to its citizens. Quality and good education enhance the overall development of a child and the nation as a whole. It provides employment opportunities and a means of livelihood. Parents and guardians should know that education is the basic requirement nowadays for everything that we wish to do. Great leaders of this world are educated people, every innovation, invention discovery made by mankind was due to education.

Let’s all give the children the optimum support they need, show them, love, go out there gift a child something. Put a smile on a child’s face today!

Remember “charity begins at home”.