Cucumber Farm

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Cucumber is a vegetable that is widely consumed all over the world in different forms due to the health benefits. The best soil for cucumber farming is a light to medium, well-drained loam soil that is rich in organic matter with moderate soil moisture which makes our farm a very suitable place to grow cucumbers. Farming cucumber is short term since harvesting is done within three(3) months after sowing, and also has relatively high returns, which makes it quite a good business to venture into.


  • Cucumbers protect the brain from neurological disorders
  • Helps to fight inflammation
  • Contains antioxidant properties like Vitamin C and beta-carotene
  • Freshens your breath and eliminates bad breath
  • It also contains multiple B vitamins that help in the management of stress
  • Cucumbers support digestive health because of its content of water and fibre
  • Protects skin against ageing
  • Relieves pains because of its contents of Flavonoids and tannins