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Over time, the dream of owning land has been left to the high-income earners, especially in
a country such as ours with a minimum wage of #30,000.

The cost of land these days amongst other necessities to spend money on has been
considered expensive, not a priority, and even impossible to some people. Agro reform is a
platform and an initiative of Suntwist that changes that narrative.

With Agro reform, you get to own your land by subscribing to low capital outright payments
or flexible installment plans made to suit an average Nigerian youth or young adult.
You may subscribe to the cultivation plan during or after your land procurement. However, if
you do not wish to cultivate after procuring your land you may lease your land to Suntwist
and earn from leasing your land.

Note that Suntwist will provide professional services required for your farm set-up and

By so doing, you’ll join us in the fight against food insecurity and the alarming rate of
unemployment in Nigeria.
Simply put, you’ll secure land to your name and also earn from your land without stress!



  • Land ownership – Once you procure outrightly or complete your installment payment
    plans; you are the proud owner of land regardless of your age and economic status.
  • Flexibility – Affordable payment plans have been broken down into installments bits
    for easy procurement.
  • Make profits – You get to earn either from cultivating or leasing your land to us.
  • Insurance – Your cultivation investments are safe as your crops will be insured.
  • Professional Management – We provide professional management services from
    cultivation to harvesting.


Land Payment Only

  • Total: N220,000
  • N28,000 Upfront
  • N24,000 for 8 months


Land + Cultivation

  • Total: N220,000 + N225,000 = N445,000
  • N28,500 Upfront
  • N24,500 for the next 18 months