‘Agriculture’ is a word we all know, a word we’ve heard over time. Agriculture has been the occupation of our forefathers, a means of livelihood to some people and also a side hustle to some. Analysis in 2016 found that 65% of people made a living through agriculture.

40% of the world’s population is in agriculture because we need Agriculture to survive.  There is a misconception people do have about Agriculture, “Agriculture is meant for old people or Agriculture is meant for people in the rural areas because they are poor” that’s not true. Everyone can practice agriculture regardless of their age/status.

In 2018, agriculture accounted for 4% of global gross domestic product (GDP) and in some developing countries. This shows agric is crucial for economic growth.

We are sure you all know what crayon is and we also know that kids love crayon, they do get excited when it comes to drawing and coloring. But have you asked yourself what the raw material used in making crayons is? No

Well, we would love to let you know that crayons are grown from soybeans. The soybean oil from one bushel of soybeans will make 2,112 crayons. One acre of soybeans can produce 82,368 crayons. So you see agriculture is really important.

Did you know…

Agriculture is one of the most powerful tools to reduce extreme poverty, raise income and improve food security. Almost all industries depend on agricultural raw products. The clothes you wear, the bags you carry, the foods you eat, the shoes you put on and also cosmetics, etc.. get their raw materials from agriculture.

Fruit farming began sometime between 6000 and 3000 BC. Fruits contain antioxidants that help the body to fight against free radicals they also contain vitamins and minerals which helps to boost our immune system, we get these nutritive fruits from Agriculture.

Agriculture is the world’s largest employer as there are a lot of job opportunities in agriculture, the FAO of the United States report that “there Is a largely untapped reservoir of farm and non-farm employment opportunities in agriculture and beyond”.

We all benefit from the miracle in agriculture on a daily basis. So we can say ‘we are moving the world through agriculture.