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Turning your problems into opportunities

Opportunities!!! “Problems are only opportunities in work clothes” __ Henri Kaiser We find ourselves in a world where the idea behind the problem has been incorrectly defined. And I would love to help you understand how to best define it. In life, problems arise at one point or the other, and to...
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The garden everyone loves

The garden everyone loves… Speaking on the garden everyone loves, ordinarily your mind would go to romance; a place where lovers meet, like the garden of Eden. Lol Amazingly, the garden that we are talking about here is a greenhouse. A garden specifically designed to optimize the growth of crops l...
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Education; Your door to the future

Education!!! Our quest for knowledge is unending and will continue till planet earth exists. Everyone knows that education is very important for our life, with it we can do lots of things. Education is the basic requirement nowadays for everything that we wish to do and all great leaders of this wor...
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Solving the world’s problem through Permaculture gardening

A garden is a plot of ground where herbs, fruits, flowers, or vegetables are cultivated. Most gardens are created to make the environment beautiful with different species of flowers. Well, you create a garden that will be beneficial to the local environment. Geff Lawton says “you can solve all th...
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Financial freedom: A way to control your finances 

One of the objectives of most humans is attaining financial freedom. Financial freedom is about you taking control of your finances and not allowing your finances to control you, it’s about taking ownership of your finances. It’s about planning your long-term financial situation by saving for a ...
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LEGUMES Legumes are filled with nutrients that are easy to find in stores, inexpensive, and can be used in different dishes. If you are trying to cut down on your meat intake you should take legumes because they are also filled with protein. Legume is a way of adding plant-based protein to your diet...
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Get your Business Right from the Start

Business !!! Thinking of starting a business? Has an idea been popping up in your mind? Well, you will need to write down those ideas and a way to achieve the goal. The importance of writing down every inch of the idea that comes into your head about creating a business can never be over-emphasized....
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Vitamin D

What you don’t know about vitamin D. Vitamins are nutrients that the body needs and cannot create, so a person must consume them through diets. It is a fat-soluble vitamin and it is essential for the absorption of calcium, magnesium, and many other biological effects. It also helps to prevent rick...
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Why Do I Get Hunger?

Unravel the Mystery behind Your Incessant Hunger Hunger is your body’s natural way to tell you that it needs food. Hunger is a biological drive to eat and it’s often associated with a rumbling stomach, weakness and in some rare cases, headache. It is a normal and good thing to get hungry because...
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fish oil


FISH OIL-It’s no ordinary oil; it’s your health defense.  Fish oil is known as fat or oil extracted from the tissues of fish and can be obtained by eating fish or taking supplements. Fish oil comes from fatty tissues of fish or fat deposits in some oily fish. It contains omega-3 fatty acids a...
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