PorkerVest – 3 Years – APRIL 2021


If you buy this product you will be earning 600,000.00 ROI yearly!
Amount ₦1,000,000
ROI 60% yearly
Period 3 Years
Location Ogbomoso


At Suntwist Nigeria Limited, we leverage on the endless agribusiness opportunities embedded in the enormous pig industry of West Africa to offer investment platforms to grow your money by partnering with us to raise pigs in order to generate good returns while creating employment and livelihood for the rural communities.

Porkers are young pigs raised and fattened for food. Pig farming is often referred to as ‘Farmer’s Delight’ because it compensates for all efforts at the end of the rearing season.

With Porkervest, you invest a minimum capital sum of #1,000,000 (One Million Naira) and earn 30% returns every 6 months for as long as your tenure lasts; after which you may cash out or roll over your initial capital at the end of the tenure without breaking any sweat!


  1. Pig rearing is profitable due to its high farrowing rate i.e. a sow can birth 6-12 piglets at a time.
  2. Porkers easily convert feed to body mass.
  3. Pigs have a high immunity i.e. they are not easily susceptible to drought; hence they have a low mortality rate.
  4. Reliable, sustainable and insured


  1. Choose a tenure and invest your capital sum of #1,000,000 or more for a direct credit of 30% returns every 6 months.
  2. Count down to ‘pay-day’ as you watch your money grow.
  3. Liquidate or roll over your initial capital after tenure.
  4. Earn 3% commission off every referral from your unique affiliate link.


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