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With 1.5 million tons of chicken consumed annually and over 100 Million consumers purchasing poultry products on daily basis,chicken is a part of almost every cuisine and is considered a delicious source to obtain protein. Nutritionists recommend moderate quantity of chicken meat to patients with high cholesterol, and blood pressure levels as the nutrients found in it can alleviate those high levels effectively.


Poultry are domesticated birds for their eggs or meat.Poultry meatis one of the two most widely eaten types of meat globally, with over 70% of the meat supply. Poultry provides nutritionally beneficial food containing high-quality protein accompanied by a low proportion of fat.It also plays a pivotal role in the local and global economy. It has contributed largely by increasing the amount of food and nutrition to the growing population, as well as bringing profits to the farmers.

   At Suntwist Nigeria Limited, we raise healthy birds for meat and egg production. We have the layers poultry farming which are birds generally raised for eggs production.Commercial hen generally starts laying eggs at the age of 12-20 weeks and then they start laying eggs regularly from their 25 weeks of age. We also have the broilerspoultry farming which are birds raised for meat production. They usually have fast growth rate, high feeding conversion ratio and low level of activity. They are raised till mature to be on your dining table which is usually 6-8 weeks and sold within aprice range solely based on their weight, size and demand.


With very high statistics of poultry meat consumption in Nigeria, we have only 30% of its production done in the country. Due to the ban placed on its importation and high demand, 70% of poultry meat consumed in Nigeria is smuggled into the country. These chickens are chemically preserved with products that should not be consumed into the body. At Suntwist Nigeria Limited, we have professionals who help in raising healthy chickens and also making sure the chickens are processed and packaged under the most hygienic conditions possible all for our customers’well-being. Acquiring Suntwist chicken and eggs not onlyensures high quality for lesser price, but in the process of your purchase, we are eradicating food security, providing employment and giving you the peace of mind from the circulation of quality, nutritious and consumable poultry meat and eggs.


  1. High in protein
  2. Suitable for heart health
  3. Strong bones and muscles
  4. High in vitamin B3



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