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It’s the beginning of a new week and today we will be talking about an interesting topic. Pig farming has always been a very lucrative business to venture into and a pig farm would be incomplete without a PEN; that’s what makes this article interesting. Follow closely till the end to discover the juicy package waiting for you at the end of this article.

What is pig farming?

Pig farming or hog farming involves the breeding of pigs as livestock. In Nigeria pig farming is becoming popular as the day goes by, it is a lucrative and profitable business. There is a huge global demand for pig meat (pork) and its other essential parts, increasing the business in Nigeria.

Pig farming in Nigeria plays an important role in eradicating poverty, unemployment, etc. by raising pigs commercially you could pull cash to your bank account and also provide your family with high-quality protein. You should go into this business because pigs reproduce in large numbers and grow super-fast, there is also a high demand for pork meat in Nigeria, and the meat sells fast in the market. Just as a sow (female) could give birth to as 12 piglets, making it one of the most reproducing farm animals in the world.

A male pig is known as Boar, while the female is a Sow.

Advantages of pig farming

  • Pigs can survive and produce more by consuming a little number of low-quality foods. You can feed them with agricultural waste, roughages, etc. for feeding costs.
  • The carcass return is quite high i.e., 60-80% of live body weight.
  • The feces of pigs are used as manure to maintain soil fertility,
  • The reproduction period and system for pigs are faster than other livestock like cattle or goats.
  • A sow can give birth to piglets twice a year. Each time they give birth to like 12 piglets.
  • Pigs can convert more energy/nutrients into protein and as a result, they grow faster than goats, cattle, or other livestock animals.

Now back to the main topic…


What is a pig pen?

A pig’s pen is an enclosed area where pigs are kept.

Setting up a pen is necessary if you don’t want pigs to injure themselves. A well-equipped and spacious pen can save you lots of more which would have been spent on treating diseases.


Are you interested in Leasing a pig pen?

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