Pig Farming

Pig farming

Today, pig farming in Nigeria is considered to be one of the most lucrative business ventures.

Good pig farming in Nigeria relies on a combination of inter connected aspects such as housing, breeding and reproduction, nutrition, disease prevention & control and management; which are incorporated into intensive system of pig keeping to achieve a desirable and sustainable production.


At Suntwist Nigeria Limited, we leverage on the endless agribusiness opportunities embedded in the enormous pig industry of West Africa to offer platforms for you to lease pig pens. We will manage your farm professionally order to generate good returns, while creating employment and livelihood for the rural communities and strengthening agriculture in Nigeria.


All your pigs are insured by Leadway Assurance Limited. CLICK HERE to check us on LeadWay Assurance.

Your farm is well monitored with an active feedback system and prompt returns payment as we help in adequate management.


Today, pig farming in Nigeria is considered to be one of the most lucrative business ventures.

Pig farming which is also known as piggery is a lucrative aspect of farming in Nigeria that can pull cash to your bank account on a daily basis.

 Pigs are kept in almost all the farms in Nigeria. It is still common to find pigs roaming freely around communities in rural areas of southern Nigeria. However, pig farming enterprises are also found in and around towns and cities in many areas of Nigeria, and stands a good lucrative source of income when properly managed like every other farming business. Considering this businesscannot be overemphasized, because pigs reproduce in large numbers and grow super-fast.Just one pig can give birth to as much as 12 piglets at a time, making it one of the most reproducing farm animal in the world.

At SunTwist Nigeria Limited, with the massive prolific increase in our pig farm, we see this as another way of strengthening agriculture in Nigeriaand Africa. Basically, our pens are leased out and piglets sold toyou, afterwards the pigs, their growth and productivity are managed by our farm staffsand they are sold after 8months of management.


  1. They are fast growing. They convert concentrate feed to meat twice as efficiently as ruminants.
  2. They have high fecundity (fertility) and prolificacy and short generation interval.
  3. They have a quicker turn-over rate on investment as compared to other livestock animals.
  4. Pigs are highly prolific.




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