French fries are finger food that is so hard to say ‘No’ to crinkle cut, English style, or McDonald’s famous fries. It is usually enjoyed and celebrated annually on July 13th. It is an unofficial holiday people celebrate and also a day to take out time to sample some golden-brown potato slices. So go ahead and celebrate the salty goodness of this treat.

When it comes to the tastiest French fries on the planet, everyone seems to have an opinion. It’s a time-consuming decision to find your favorite because no two restaurants seem to have the same recipe.


Do you know that the origin of French fries is more than likely not French at all? They are from Belgium. It had taken an entire century for potatoes to become widely accepted as food arriving in Europe in the 1600s, like most iconic foods. French fries have an interesting story about how it was created.

It was during the late 17th century that some ingenious Belgian villagers got the idea of slicing a potato and frying them. In the same way, they fry fish. According to the manuscript by Joseph Gerrard, the residents of the Meuse valley located near Dinant in Belgium consumed a lot of fish. Since they lived near the river. During winter, when the rivers would freeze and fishing would become difficult. The idea of slicing potatoes like fish fillets and frying them in hot oil was born.

During world war 1

American soldiers stationed in Belgium were introduced to these tasty fried potatoes for the first time since the official language of the Belgian army just happened to be French. The American soldiers started to call these fried potatoes French fries. In the united states, they are often served with cheeseburgers or hotdogs and are sometimes covered in chili or cheese.

Estimates say Americans eat around 30 pounds of French fries per person each year. That seems like a lot, but when you think about all the ways, you can eat fries, it adds up quickly. They are easy to eat.

French fries do have a nutritional stigma attached to them due to their high caloric and fat content. As a healthy alternative, sweet potatoes also make delicious fries and accompany many dishes on menus around the world. Other varieties are baked and come in unusual shapes, such as waffles, tornado cuts, crinkles, or curls.

We know it’s tough to say no to a hot batch of French fries. That’s why you need to go out there today and have some.