HEALTH BENEFITS OF LIME

Lime is a fruit everyone knows about and also doesn’t like taking because of its sour taste. There was a trend going on not too long where they dared people to drink lime without frowning or shaking their heads, it was really fun to watch cause most people showed funny reactions when they drink lime. Lime is packed with a lot of nutrients that the human body needs.

This article provides an overview of the health benefits of lime.

What are Limes?

Limes are round, bright green citrus fruits with a sour taste and contain acidic juice vesicles. They are often used to accent the flavors of foods and beverages also their essential oils are used in the formulation of many household products.

The commonly recognized lime tree species are Tahitian lines (citrus latifoilia) and Mexican limes (citrus aurantifolia). One line tree can produce over 1000 fruits annually, the bigger the leaves the smaller the limes. Lime can be used as a substitute for lemon. This is because the two fruits both have a sour taste and similar vitamin content. It can also be used to alleviate the heat of spicy food. When you bite into any spicy food you do rush to drink water and when you notice the heat hasn’t reduced you take more water. Spicy food contains capsaicin a non-water-soluble alkaloid, which means the water has no effect on capsaicin and doesn’t Cause it to dissolve. So you do need an acidic component to counteract the vanilloid from the capsaicin and to alleviate the heat from the spicy taste in your mouth. The acid is found in foods like yogurt and lime.

Lime is oval-shaped, it has a small nipple on top of it and the fully ripe fruit is yellowish green colored. To prevent scurvy during the 19th century, British sailors were issued a daily allowance of citrus such as lemons and later switched to lime. It use was initially a secret to the military as scurvy was a common scourge of various national navies and the ability to remain at sea for lengthy periods without contracting the disease was a huge benefit to the military. The nickname “Limey” was given to the British sailor because of the usage of limes


  • They are a source of magnesium and potassium which promotes heart health.
  • They improve digestion and help with weight loss.
  • Help to prevent kidney stones.
  • They are rich in vitamin C and antioxidants. Vitamin C helps boost immunity and antioxidants may help prevent some type of heart disease and cancers.
  • They help to reduce inflammation and promote healthy skin.

We would also like to teach you how to prepare Lime juice.

Lime juice ingredients;

  • Lime
  • Water
  • Honey or sugar (optional)

Preparation steps;

  • Roll the limes between your palms or on a hard surface in a circular motion so they are easy to juice.
  • Cut the limes and juice.
  • Pour the freshly squeezed limes into a bottle, add water, and stir.
  • You could also add sliced limes if you want to.
  • Store in the fridge or freezer.

You can sweeten with sugar, honey, or any sweetener of your choice.

Health benefits of lime juice

  • It is used to treat acne due to its oils and citric acid.
  • It helps in weight loss.

Now you’ve seen the health benefits of lime do well to take a lime.We know you might not like it because of its sour taste just know not everything sweet is good for the health.