Give your child/ward a good financial head start.

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It’s no news that dogs andrabbits breedingare not only trendy but highly lucrative, they share common advantages like high birth litter, short gestation cycle and ready market. Hence; investing in them spins good returns.


Your investment is insured by Leadway Assurance Limited. CLICK HERE to check us on LeadWay Assurance.

Your investment is well monitored with an active feedback system and prompt returns payment.


Knowing that every parent/guardian is laden with the responsibility to strategically prepare their children/wards for a financially secured future. Kiddiesvest is an agro-investment platform where funds usually later expended on education, travel/vacation, general up-keep, etc can be grown.

Suntwist Nigeria Limited brings you Kiddiesvest. An agro-investment platform that allows you to co-invest and co-earn with us and earn 25% every 6 months on at least N100,000 investment for a 1,2 or 3 year tenure with capital back at the end of the investment tenure.

Simply put, you’ll earn 25% returns on your capital every 6 months for as long as your investment tenure lasts and cash out or roll over your initial capital at the end of the tenure without breaking a sweat!

Most interestingly, as a Kiddiesvest investor; when you make referrals you will earn 3% off every sponsorship made through your unique affiliate link.


  1. Reliable and insured
  2. Unique and sustainable
  3. Helps you to organize and hit your financial targets


  1. Choose a tenure and invest your capital sum of #100,000 or more for a direct credit of 25% returns every 6 months.
  2. Count down to ‘pay-day’ as you watch your money grow.
  3. Liquidate or roll over your initial capital after tenure.
  4. Earn 3% commission off every referral from your unique affiliate link.



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