Give your child/ward a good financial head start.

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Every parent/guardian is laddened with the responsibility to strategically prepare their children/wards for a financially secured future. These kinds of funds are usually later expended on education, travel/vacation, general up-keep, etc.


  1. Reliable and insured
  2. Unique and sustainable
  3. Helps you to organize and hit your financial targets


  1. Choose a category and invest the capital sum for a 20% returns over a period of 12 months
  2. Liquidate your capital and returns after 12 months for a 20% ROI.
  3. Re-invest your capital and liquidate only your returns after 12 months for a 23% ROI i.e. a 3% increment in ROI.
  4. Re-invest your capital and returns after 12 months for a 25% ROI i.e. a 5% increment in ROI.
  5. Sign-up with your username or email and unique password to setup your KiddiesVest account.
  6. Count down to ‘pay-day’ as you watch your money grow!


In the past decades, savings was the medium commonly employed to meet this future financial security goal. However, in retrospect this method has proven quite redundant, ineffective and poorly rewarded.

At Suntwist Nigeria Limited, we leverage on the endless opportunities embedded in the agricultural heritage of West-Africa to offer the best investment platforms to grow your money through crop and animal farming in order to secure an attractive ROI (Return On Investment) for you while creating employment and livelihood for the rural communities.

KiddiesVest is an agro-investment platform of Suntwist Nigeria Ltd that helps you ‘grow’ funds to secure your child or ward’s financial future needs. With KiddiesVest, you invest a minimum capital sum of #100,000 (One Hundred Thousand Naira) and get a 20% ROI (Return on Investment) after a period of 12 months; after which it can be liquidated or re-invested for as long as you want to invest.

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