Growing up with Annie was the best part of childhood for me. Every experience and lessons I had from my relationship with her formed the rudiment of my growth, and the premise of my ideology.

We are both from an average family, her dad was a principal at a community secondary school and my dad was his vice. Even though they both belonged to the same social status and my dad earning a little less than Annie’s, still, our lives were completely different.

My friend had access to all the things my family called expensive, ranging from clothes, shoes, back pack to vacation experiences. My first visit to their house is still a memory that lingers, the house was simple but exquisite, I remembered that day, I just wished my parents could allow me live with Annie.

The fact that her family could afford the things my family couldn’t, always gets me curious. I remembered asking my mother about it, and the response she gave was that “they just spend by the day without caring about tomorrow but myself and your dad are saving so we can give you guys a good education”

I built my solace around the fact that my parents are saving for me and my siblings, so I try to control my envy when I see Annie’s lunch box or she tells stories of their vacations. But certainty dawn on me when after secondary school,  Annie left the country to further her studies and my parents had to send me to a federal university due to tuition, even though they had always wanted a private university.

I later got to know that even though Annie’s dad was a civil servant by profession, he is also a smart investor. He has various investments in the fastest developing sector of the nation’s economy which is AGRICULTURE. 

Eventually knowing about his investments helped me balance the puzzle of how he was able to afford those things my family couldn’t. The weird part is that you wouldn’t even know he had that kind of orientation because he is always available, he spends his evenings at home, or with my dad under the tree where they gist and criticize the government.

Let’s cut to the chase, what I am driving at is that even though both fathers were earning almost the same amount, one was able to synchronize his little earning into something that provided his family a comfortable life while the other could barely do enough.

Creating your wealth is not in how much money you earn but in how much you are able to keep. Annie’s dad could do better than mine because he has at one time envisioned an exquisite kind of life, it takes a man that sees the future to invest into one.

Very few are like Annie’s family while many are like mine. Your ability to secure your future depends on the kind of future you see. Savings could not give my family a better life but investing would have, if only my parents had access to financial literacy like Annie’s dad did.

Every parent wants the best kind of life for their family, you don’t need to bug your brain about the viable and reliable investment to maximise.
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