Hidden truths about Cashew Farming

Nigeria is currently the 6th largest producer of cashew nuts in the world, and this alone speaks volumes. There is so much potential within the cashew industry as cashew farming remains one of the most lucrative farming options in the country.

However, with potential comes the need for a good understanding of how the industry works. We will be taking you through a thread that reveals all there is to know about the cashew farming business. The purpose of this thread is to equip you with the knowledge and truths of the cashew farming business, that you never knew before. You might just be missing out on a lot of profits if you are yet to own a cashew farm.

Suntwist is an agribusiness company, and we understand the value of treating agriculture as a business rather than just recognizing it as a way of life. We see it as a way to create wealth and we choose to make this known to others as well.

This thread will be an eye-opener to juicy, deep, and peripheral secrets we overlook or do not take cognizant of, about the cashew farming business. Just stay connected.

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