Healthy diet



It’s Monday, time to shake off the weekend gbedu and go to work.

Oops… Not again, the alarm is ringing I really wanna sleep more, oh God help me. This is the reaction most of us give on a Monday morning.

After all the grumbling we drag ourselves to the bathroom to clean up then get dressed for work. Our stomach makes a funny sound telling us it needs food, breakfast is one of the most important meals we need to take so as to stay active for the rest of the day.

Remember you are what you eat, the food we eat plays an important role in our well-being. What we eat directly impacts our physical and mental health so you need to eat right.

Food plays a major role in our overall lifestyle if we eat in a healthy way we would enjoy its benefits.

To be effective, Productive, fit, and full of energy requires a healthy diet.

Here are the tips on how to make your diet healthier

  • Drink a lot of water: The importance of staying hydrated does not need to be introduced because it’s not something new to us. Staying hydrated helps us to keep up the water stability in our body, boosts metabolism, aids digestion, and is good for gut health. It also boosts immunity.
  • Eat lots of fruits: The benefits of eating fruit cannot be overemphasized. Fruits are packed with lots of vitamins and minerals that are of importance to our well-being. Fruits are low in calories, nourishing, and rich in antioxidants, they are the best snack to munch on in between meals.
  • Stay away from junk foods: Ahn!!! This is a very difficult thing to do for some people. They see junk as the best food to eat whenever they are hungry. Pizza, fries, burgers, etc. are what we love to eat, isn’t it?  Do you know that the ingredients used to make these foods can have an adverse effect on our health, obesity is one of the major issues that’s why you need to avoid any greasy and fatty food. Many might see this as a herculean task you just have to try and avoid junk foods and try replacing them with healthy alternatives.
  • Avoid sugary drinks: We know it’s important to stay hydrated. When the sun is so hot and you feel thirsty, you go for carbonated beverages instead of water that’s the bitter truth. These carbonated drinks are of no good to our health. Also staying hydrated doesn’t mean you should load yourself with sodas, readymade/processed Fruit juices, colas, etc. As these contain a high amount of sugar and could lead to other health-related diseases.
  • Do exercise: Exercise is very important for a healthy life, it also plays an important role in healthy diet habits. Non-complex exercises like walking, jogging, squatting, push-ups, etc. Are needed to help regulate metabolism.
  • Sleep well: Sleep is one of the factors affecting our diet. It is a vital part of the foundation of good health and wellbeing throughout your lifetime. A good amount of sleep helps your body to rest, which also helps us makes most of the nutrient we eat.

Follow the tips listed above as that could help you live a healthy life with a healthier diet.