We are not talking about the ‘goal’ scored during a football match…Lol

A Goal can be defined as anything an individual or a group of people envision, plan and commit to achieving. A person might envision, plan and commit to achieving something within a period of time.

The goal must be written, clear, specific, attainable, and time-bound, as human beings we all have things we want to achieve in life like you ought to have done your masters before you reach the age of 25, etc.

“It is said that when the purpose of a thing is not known abuse is inevitable.”

A Goal is that thing that motivates a person, knowing you have the desired result to achieve. When properly set and pursued, it could help you make use of your life properly.

What are Goals?

      Goals are written points that are clear, specific, attainable, and time-bound. These written points can be broken into smaller and short-term objectives, which become checkpoints for making sure you are working towards achieving your goal.

Objectives are tasks we must accomplish to achieve a certain goal. Goals enable us to achieve focus in life by helping us to determine what we want.


Why is it necessary to set goals?

We must set goals because without written, clear and specific goals we might not be able to achieve our dreams in life.

  • Goals give you direction: Imagine leaving the house without having a specific place or destination in mind, the day will end up being wasted. This also applies to your goal, you decide the direction of the goal and the time it should be achieved, once this is kept in place, the route to achieving the goal has been decided and will help you know when you are right on track.
  • Goals help channel your energy in the right direction. It helps you to channel your energy into something useful and brings out the best in you because it has always been in you. No matter the obstacles you will scale through. The obstacles will make you stronger and serve as a foundation for your achievements.

Visions are actually different from goals. Vision is where you want to be in life, where you see yourself in few years to come. It is also a particular point you want to get to. The route to that particular point you aim at will remain unclear until you break them down into goals. This helps us to understand and measure the process you will have to go through to carry out your visions. Goals desire more focus and clarity. Bigger visions help achieve more goals, or we could say the bigger the vision, the larger the goal.

At a point in life we desire certain things. These desires of ours represent things we crave for or we want so to achieve or get your desires you should set SAT’S goals. That is set a specific, attainable, time-bounded goal once this is done aim at achieving the goal so your desires can be satisfied.

Note that your goals should not be the main tool in measuring your success, because if it becomes your main tool obsession will set i.e. you will be obsessed with the results forgetting the route or process that will lead you to achieve your goal.

We are sure you are thinking about when it’s the right time to set your goals.

Well… make hay when the sun shines, so set your goal NOW, it’s never too late to start now.

To set goals, you need to believe in yourself, clearly define your goal, do what it takes to achieve your goals, and be ready for change (learn how to adapt to change).


Avoid goals that depend on others or luck for accomplishment. Don’t just write your goal, pray to God for help, and also put in efforts to achieve your goals. Learn how to say positive things to yourself.

Say ‘I am a goal-getter and a problem solver’.