‘Appreciation makes a day, even changes a life. Your willingness to put it all into words is all that is necessary’—Margaret Cousins.

Being appreciative is one of the things most people find hard to do. An honest appreciation of little things could go a long way, it could put a smile on a person’s face.

Don’t let your ego stop you from appreciating others. The willingness to put your appreciation into words is necessary, so you should try to say “thank you” to people no matter the weight of what they’ve done for you. The two simple words “thank you” don’t get used enough.

Now let’s talk about our workplace…

If you are a leader in your workplace you should get used to the words “thank you” as it is your responsibility to thank your staff members regularly. This appreciation motivates them to do more and to do better.

Being honest with your appreciation doesn’t mean you are weak, NO don’t think like that. Don’t think if you keep appreciating your staff they would take you for granted, never that’s not possible. No human will complain you thank them too much, but they will remember if you never recognize them or their work. A personal thank you to your workers may supply them with a burst of power/energy and enthusiasm to pursue greater goals.

Appreciation can also play an important role in mental health. When you always criticize a person it could affect their mental health.

Do not flatter, it does more harm than good. Flattery is cheap Praise, flattery is telling the other person precisely what he/she thinks about him/herself.

The difference between flattery and appreciating others is that Appreciation is sincere, flattery is insincere. Appreciation does come from the heart but flattery just comes from your mouth. Appreciation is selfless, flattery is selfish.

There is a philosophy that says “Do not be afraid of the enemy who attacks you, be afraid of the friends who flatter you”.

Do not criticize or condemn anyone, we are dealing with humans who are creatures of emotions not creatures of logic. Be lavish in your praise and people will cherish your words and treasure them and repeat them over a lifetime.

One of the most neglected virtues of our daily existence is APPRECIATION.  Always show appreciation.