Why Pig farming

It may surprise you to know that pork (pig meat) is the most widely consumed meat in the world alongside poultry and beef. Surprised, right?

Another thing you probably didn’t know is that pig products have some of the most versatile uses on earth. Pigs probably have the highest profit potential of all farm animals because they cost little to feed and maintain, and produce much more meat than cattle, goats, and sheep!


Pig farming should top your business idea list because,

There is a growing consumption of pig products:

All thanks to urbanization and economic growth, there is an increased number of fast-food both local and international across the continent and this means that local pig farmers will be needed to maintain a huge and regular stock of pork products to satisfy the growing demand.


Pigs multiply really fast:

A fact that makes pig farming lucrative is that pigs multiply really fast.

The gestation (pregnancy) period for pigs is just four months and one sow (mature female pig) can furrow (give birth to) between 8 and 18 piglets at a time and sows furrow up to two times a year. This is something very few farm animals do.


Pigs are highly adaptable and easy to farm:

Research shows that pigs have over 15,000 taste buds (humans have just about 9,000).  This enables them to eat everything humans eat and other stuff like forage, grass, and other animal feed. They are able to convert what they eat into meat. Their smaller bone proportion guarantees a higher meat yield plus they have a high resistance to diseases (they hardly get sick). Weather and the environment, in general, has no effect whatsoever on them! It’s not a challenge as pigs have the ability to adapt easily to most environments whether hot or cold.

This makes it possible to raise them on a small or large scale.

It might also interest you to know that pigs have no sweat glands and have no way of cooling themselves when they get hot so they don’t die of exhaustion.

Why Pig farming


Pig farming should be your business choice after getting this information that confirms how full proof a venture it is.

Now we know why pigs are referred to as the “farmer’s delight”.

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