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We’re sure you’ve heard of catfish, like who hasn’t?

It’s that delicious fish you do go and buy from Mama put place called “point and kill” which is used as pepper soup or peppered catfish, then you step it down with one bottle of malt. Chai, just imagining it alone makes me crave for it.

Now down to the business of the day. We have something special for you so do away with any distraction.

Most of us know catfish farming in Nigeria has become one of the most practiced fish farming businesses that are highly profitable. If you’re interested in agribusiness you must have considered fish farming then catfish farming might be your desired business.

Catfish production in Nigeria is popular with a booming domestic market as well as strong export sales – and currently accounts for over 80% of the country’s aquaculture output. Nigeria produces around 1 million tons of fish per year: over 750,000 tons from capture fisheries and roughly 310,000 tons from aquaculture. So you see catfish farming is a lucrative business.

In Nigeria, like many coastal developing countries, fish is an important source of food for the population, which is currently estimated at 186 million people. In 2016, 14.3 million people in Nigeria were classified as undernourished. An average of 67% of children aged 6–23 months living with their mothers did not eat foods rich in iron, and 52% did not eat vitamin A-rich foods in a 24-hour diet recall). As a result, fish, which are rich in micronutrients such as zinc, iron, iodine, calcium, vitamin B12, and vitamin A. They also contain essential fatty acids and protein could play an instrumental role in attaining food and nutrition security.

The common aim of any business is to make a profit and that’s what we are after. Helping you to make a profit. How can we help you make a profit?

It’s simple, we would help you put your money into good use.

All you need to do is LEASE A CATFISH POND FROM US and earn up to 20% returns in 7 months.

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Catfish farming is a very lucrative business in Nigeria due to its high demand. It is also a short-term business of 7 months with returns of 20% profit. Suntwist would also be offering management and off-taking services to our clients. Also, a recent study estimated that Nigeria ranks third globally for the number of people dependent on coastal fisheries for food and nutrition security. And the demand for fish is growing, alongside growth in population and incomes. Increased fish production and consumption may contribute to alleviating food and nutrition insecurity. The majority of households in Nigeria (58%) suffer from chronic or transitory food insecurity.

We know most of you feel skeptical about any Agro-investment company you come across due to the increasing rate of scams in the country. SUNTWIST NIGERIA LIMITED is not one of those companies. We have been in agribusiness for a very long time and most of our clients can testify to us being real.

After subscribing to any of our services you get a certificate of lease immediately. This would be given alongside a breakdown of how your money would be used to generate profit for you.

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To subscribe to our services click on this link dial 08102777209, or leave a comment for us on any of our social media handles and we would reach out to you as soon as possible.