Livestock Farming

Have you been thinking of going into the animal farming business? Do you know the best livestock farming business to venture into?  Then this article is for you, stay calm and read through.

Since the days of the old, farm animals or livestock have been a source of income for human beings. This is because as long as humans exist, there will always be the need for food and the two major sources of food for mankind are crops and animals.

Livestock farming is one of the most profitable businesses in the agricultural industry, it can be defined as the management and breeding of livestock for the purpose of consumption by obtaining their meat and products (milk, egg, honey, wool, fur, etc.)

Livestock farming is one of the oldest forms of agriculture that has been practiced by our forefathers. It supplies man with milk, skins, hides, food, bones, etc. it involves the rearing of goats, poultry, snails, fishes, rabbits, etc.

Importance of Livestock farming

  • It generates employment opportunities and serves as a source of income.
  • They generate high-quality food products such as meat, egg, milk, cheese, etc.
  • It helps the country to generate foreign exchange earnings through the export of livestock products.
  • Livestock farming is one of the few human productive economic activities that are truly sustainable.

Like we said earlier Livestock farming is one of the most profitable businesses, so if you are interested in rearing animals to make money, then below are some livestock farming business ideas. There is one thing you should keep in mind and that is to select animals that have good demand in the market.



  • Goat farming is gaining popularity these days because it’s one of the most profitable businesses in livestock farming. Most people prefer goat meat because it has a good and unique taste and has a higher protein content than beef. The goat provides us with milk and meat, goat farming requires low investment and the profit gotten is high. Butter, ice cream, cheese, yogurt are by-products gotten from the goat which is consumed by humans. To venture into goat farming you will need to get a piece of land that has varieties of grass, small housing is required due to their small body size when compared to other animals. The ROI gotten from goat farming is high, depends on the amount of money invested.


  • Pig farming/hog farming is another profitable livestock business that has begun to become popular in some countries. There is a huge demand for pork, more than 1 billion pigs are being slaughtered nationwide in a year. Pork is said to fetch an annual revenue of 60 billion in Nigeria. The pigs are used for human food, fat and the skin is used in cosmetics, clothing, and in processed ingredients.


  • Poultry farming is defined as the process of raising various birds like chicken, turkey, ducks, geese, etc. for their meat or eggs. This type of farming is known as the oldest, people will say it’s as old as mankind. There is an overwhelming demand for eggs on a daily basis, this provides the opportunity to the entrepreneurs out there to make quick and easy money within a short period of time. This is because the chicken and turkey get mature at a fast rate. In poultry farming, the layers produce eggs while the broilers produce meat.


  • Fish farming involves raising fish commercially in tanks or fish ponds mainly for food and it can be divided into two; fresh water and saltwater fish farming. This is another money-making business. This is because the demand for fish is high, you could rare different types of fish like salmon, prawn, shrimp, catfish, etc. Before starting fish farming there are certain things you will need to do; get a piece of land, borehole, fingerlings, and also study the market to know which fish is mostly demanded.


  • Cattle farming is the process of rearing animals for meat, milk (consumption), or labor purposes like plowing, irrigation, etc. animals that provide milk is called diary animals e.g. cows, goats, etc. Animals that are used for labor are called draught animals. As long as meat, leather products, milk, etc. are in demand, cattle will remain a profitable business. There are several ways to make money in this business. You can either go into dairy farming (milk production) or breed animals for their meat.


  • Sheep farming is also a lucrative and profitable business when you raise a good number of them. One can raise sheep for its milk, meat, fiber, wool, etc. Patience is required in this type of business and also good knowledge of it if you want to succeed in it.

As you have seen some of the livestock business ideas you can go into. It’s now left to you to pick anyone you are interested in, make a thorough research on it, be committed, and put in your best to make it a success.

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