3 ways to make money with agro-investment during and post-pandemic

3 ways to make money with agro-investment during and post-pandemic

With the current state of the economy and the global pandemic looming around our doorsteps, it’s only right that one finds a fertile soil to sow seeds that’ll continually germinate and yield tangible returns.

Although, there are many reasons to invest in agriculture, how exactly can you make money from agro-investments?

Some of the ways agriculture can generate returns are:

1. Land appreciation

The productivity of arable farmland can be increased with adequate maintenance, as farmland has a value that is beneficial to investors. This ensures continued productivity and appreciation of the farmland over a long period of time, which in turn increases the return on investments.
Residential developments can also cause farmland to increase in value; if the location of the farmland is close to residential areas. Also, the value of the land increases as users of the farmland have the opportunity to remain in residential areas and still be close to their farmland for easy access to work and productivity.

Investing in agricultural farmlands ensures that your return on investment (ROI) appreciates over time, which keeps you in a great state financially.

2. Yields

As an agro-investor, you can make money from cash inflows from the sale of harvested crops. Although most crops are annual, in some areas, there can be multiple harvests per year and this definitely means more profit for farmers and agro-investors likewise.
In some cases, these crop produce are secured through long-term agreements with popular food and consumption brands who have agreed to purchase the crop produce; this prevents wastage of the crop produce as every harvest is directed towards one consumption area or the other and this ensures that the crop produce are sold at valuable market prices, which automatically earns more returns for farmers and investors likewise.

There are a lot of other ways to generate income on farmland and many of them are widely unrelated to the crops being grown and sold.

For instance, if your farmland is located near a major road, there could be opportunities to generate income from billboards placed on the land or from mobile and radio towers that are built on the land. It is also possible to make extra returns from investments in livestock farming and its produce such as milk, meat, pork.

Majorly, investing in agriculture is like investing in your future as you’re securing the ‘seeds’ for future ‘yields’.

So, why don’t you take a little while, go through our profitable investment options and take a leap into the future today?

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