We are in a generation where no one wants to take responsibility for anything but prefers to  blame others and lay accusations rather than accepting to being a part of the problem.

A student will claim he failed because his lecturer could not explain in simple terms, the lecturer blames the school management for having him take more courses than is expected, the school management then blames the government for not releasing enough funds to employ more lecturers.

An adult from a poor background will blame his struggles on his poor parents, civil servants blame the government for not paying salaries as at when due.
Police men have made the highway their offices because they claim the government do  not pay salaries.

My point is that not all great men were enlisted for greatness, majority of them took responsibility and made the necessary sacrifices to enlist themselves for it.
Stop the blame games and learn to take responsibility. If there are no opportunities, create them, don’t fold your arms and wait or complain.

Don’t wait for change, be the change you want to see. You can start with your family by taking responsibility and paying the required price to see them live the best life.

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